One More Factory Poem

The new issue of Red Fez is online and am once again proud to be included with a great group of writers. It seems some habits die hard, like factory poems. So click the link to read one more.

Of Noise And Dreaming

I am proud to have two pieces up over at one of the best online magazines around, 3:AM Magazine. They are both non-fiction pieces, something I have not published a lot of over the years but am looking forward to delving further into. The first article concerns defining noise/sound art, while the second piece is a log of experiments with dreamachines and binaural audio.

A little more Classwar…..

Classwar Karaoke 0027 is online now and ready for your consumption. My track He Who Has Found His Place (Amid Nothing) is included alongside many talented experimental artists. My track is possibly a little more quiet and moodier than expected, but it represents an exciting and different direction. As always, I’m proud to be included in this excellent series.

Noise For Your Eyes

Databent video is a medium that I have barely scratched the surface of, but something I enjoy nonetheless. Luckily for me the folks over at Bicephalic Records have been kind enough to include my video piece The Valley Of Non Thinking on their brand new DVD comp of databent/glitch video art.
Pixel Hexing (I love that title) is available now and comes highly recommended.

Five Poems

The new issue of Otoliths is online now and I have five short poems included. As always I am honored to featured alongside so many great artists. Otoliths has quickly become one of my favorites, check out the new issue and you’ll see why.

A New Journal, Some New Poems

There is a new online journal to keep your eyes on and it is called The Zoomoozophone Review. The inaugural issue just went live and it is massive. I’m lucky enough to have three poems featured. I hope you’ll check them out.

It’s Subliminal

My poem Subliminal Syntax is featured over at the blogzine Luciferous, an excellent site featuring a broad range of poetry. It’s well worth checking out.


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