Aimless Sunday

Enjoying a reprieve from the old factory in the form of a three day weekend. It’s a lazy Sunday as I split my time between the computer and laying on the couch.

Laying down with my eyes closed thinking of where I’ve been where I’m headed. At thirty-two I’ve a lot of years left, but I’ve burned quite a few too.

This is a cryptic post, oh well, all I can say is when you spend days in the factory and nights consumed with writing you start to question your sanity. I’ve had a lifelong obsession with laying down words with no time for anything else and I have to wonder if that is exactly why I am stuck in this factory life. I have dreams in my pocket and poems in my heart, but that doesn’t pay my bills.

But it’s Sunday
and all is alright in the universe

I layed down some pretty strong lines last night and I’ve added a few audio pieces over at my web site. Check it out.


Author: wayne

Writer. Noise Artist.

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