Thursday is the new Friday!

All rambling and bitching aside, life is good!
Thurday night and my weekend has begun. Five days of beer and loafing!
Saturday we’re heading out to St Augustine, a short three hour drive from here for a little weekend getaway. The city, for whatever unknown reason has become a santuary of sorts, it’s too easy to fall off of the tourist track and wander around dark cobblestone alleys at night, or sit on the balcony of our favorite little motel on the corner of Cadiz and Menendez scribbling in a notebook and watching the sun rise over Matanzas Bay. The supposed most haunted city in the U.S. is a city most definitely haunted by ghosts of memory. All the history… all the clashes between Seminole, Spaniard and British….. and now my psychic residue imprinted there for all time for anyone with a curious mind to see.

Wordcore is coming, less than two weeks.

I’m off to kick start this weekend.


Author: wayne

Writer. Noise Artist.

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