Saturday morning rambling

The Wordcore poetry reading went well the other night and the project seems to be picking up some steam. The poets were great, the poetry diverse. I was even satisfied with the turnout, which wasn’t huge…. but for a poetry reading on a Wednesday night in Lakeland, it was good.

For the sake of anyone reading this who isn’t from around here, let me digress. Lakeland has always been simply known as that city between Tampa and Orlando, and it has been long accepted by the locals that if you want real culture that you must make the drive to one of the surrounding cities. In the last few years though our little city has slowly began coming into its own, particularly via the music scene. The sleepy downtown is starting to wake up with more places to hang out and more venues which in turn is leading to a million and one bands coming out of the woodworks. The local art scene is starting to thrive, but of course I as a writer sit back and watch literature once again being left behind. That was one of the primary motivations for starting this whole Wordcore thing from the start. It hasn’t been easy, club owners aren’t exactly eager to book poetry, and it’s really sad a mainstream chain bookstore gave us a home when homegrown local establishments (who will remain nameless) refuse to show any support for a local poetics movement.

But now with the word spreading and poets and poetry fans coming out, and this thing only getting bigger it only goes to support what I knew all along. There is a scene here for literary art, people want it, they are hungry for it, and that message will be sent to the local anti-poetic establishment of Lakeland.


Author: wayne

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