Back from the dead

I haven’t been on here on awhile, or much of anywhere else for that matter.
I’ve been pretty much dried up. Too much work, too much real life, I think it was all finally starting to win. But there is always this tiny spark burning inside that can never quite go out. The writing is coming again, the submissions are going out again. I haven’t felt like this in quite a long time.

Been reading a lot of Ryoken this weekend:
“Who says my poems are poems?
These poems are not poems.
When you can understand this,
then we can begin to speak of poetry”

Labor Day is this Monday, drink a beer for me and remember all the faceless proletariats putting on steel toed boots before dawn, but more so remember all the people for which there is no labor day from sweat shops in the third world to the fast food dives of America. Wordcore is Friday, I’ll be reading an “industrial” set for all of you!


Author: wayne

Writer. Noise Artist.

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