Aural Shrapnel

I’m re-discovering the joys of an Odeo account and have recorded a few poetry tracks. These and alot more will eventually be integrated into my web site, but until that happens, I thought I would share some mp3s here. Download and dig in!

After The Applause

A Glimmer

Big Bang

The War At Home


Author: wayne

Writer. Noise Artist.

2 thoughts on “Aural Shrapnel”

  1. man, good stuff. I enjoyed it. and thanks for the ODEO link, I think I’ll steal the idea for the Guerilla Poetics Project.

    and I’ll be sending you an invite in the next month or so to join, so save up your $25 membership fee and get five STRONG POEMS together.

    more later..

  2. Thanks Chris! And no problem!

    Yes, definitely do NOT count me out of GPP, I’ll have my dues in soon. The GPP is the best thing to come along in a long, long time!

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