Aural Shrapnel Pt 2

Some of you locals from back in the day (if any of you read this) are probably less likely to remember as a poet or writer, and more as the guy on stage taking the weedwacker to the guitar. It’s been a while since those days, and now whenever I break out all the pedals and gadgets I’m usually playing for an audience of one (my daughter). I dig the noise stuff, but I just prefer now to put all my creative energy into the writing game.

However, digging through some boxes I found a small stockpile of cdrs and I thought I would sell’em off. I’m only asking six bucks apiece, and keep in mind I don’t really record much anymore and have played my last noise show in February, so when these cdrs are gone, they’re gone. Here’s the cdrs:

Zil Bread- Audio Bondage
This was my first solo recording post Stickfigure, it’s a collage of many noise styles from trance to harsher stuff.Here’s a couple of mp3s from the cd.
Bondage A Go Go

Zil Bread- Building 9
The follow up “e.p.” to Audio Bondage, mostly harsh stuff, with a couple ear friendly pieces.

Stickfigure- s/t
This e.p. is one of the few decent quality Stickfigure recording around. Stickfigure was probably the first and last experimental noise band to come straight out of Polk County.

Check’em out… or not.


Author: wayne

Writer. Noise Artist.

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