Happy 4th

The newest issue of Words Dance has hit the streets, and I can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

featuring verses by:
kaveh akbar, david barker, miles j. bell,
luis c. berriozabal, robert lee brewer,
j.j. campbell, pris campbell, jessica dawson,
john dorsey, nathan graziano, s.a. griffin,
david labounty, marie lascu, christopher lockett,
jack t. marlowe, wayne mason, brian morrisey,
kathleen paul-flanagan, ryan pink, lynn phoenix,
dan provost, misti rainwater-lites, anna reihman,
erik scott, luc simonic, d. smith, ray sweatman,
john sweet, william taylor jr., tammy trendle,
george wallace, lisa zaran

and images by:
ren adams, nuri amanatullah, t. bianca, molly caitlin,
emma flanagan, kim mccullough, amanda oaks,
natalie richards, lauren bahia simons-morton,
christine stoddard, michelle young

Go to the website for ordering details.

I have one poem featured entitled “Dead Poetry Gods”, which you can go ahead and listen to.


Author: wayne

Writer. Noise Artist.

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