Happy Labor Day!!!!

A three day weekend, beer and loafing, and a little bit of boredom equals more noise for you! The writing wasn’t flowing yesterday but the feedback was. Four new tracks, three of which I have uploaded. Turn off the lights, pour a drink and click the link below.

Listen to Wayne Mason at PureVolume.com

Anyway, Happy Labor Day! Here’s a poem for you

A Tribute

This poem is for nameless proletariats who
put on steel toed boots in the soft dawn
to march in anonymity through
heavy iron factory doors

This is for you, tired truckers eating
caffeine or speed shifting lonely gears
sweating diesel and crossing borders like
Neil Cassidy on eighteen wheels

A verse for the construction workers
building America brick by brick while
we yawn complacent on our way to
neon malls to buy sweat shop shoes

Stock clerks, cashiers, I’m here for you too
toiling behind smocks pushing trinkets and
smiles for bright light storefront of places
you can’t afford to shop

Waitresses hustling for smash in greasy dives
short order cooks can’t stand the heat yet
stuck in the kitchen, apathetic dishwashers
on weed breaks, I’m here for you too

I remember you as well broken hearted
broken wallet work today paid today before
heading home to sweaty slum apartments
listening to sirens and death

This one goes out to the white collar slave
pushing pencils in slick corporate digs
you don’t feel quite human behind that tie
writing secret poems on computer screens

I got blues for you America listening to
hustle and bustle breathed to life by you
far away from lies and venom of capital hill
far below dreary high rise boardrooms

A drink for you America
your broken dreams and quiet sacrifice
this city throbs like it has a pulse
Alive because of life given

by you


Author: wayne

Writer. Noise Artist.

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