It’s Lunch Time!

“My Time, The Lunch Break Book” is finally out from Poet Plant Press and I’m damn proud to be the featured poet. A lot of familiar names in here! Here’s the skinny:

My Time – The Lunch Break Book
A book project by Chris Bodor
Featured poet: Wayne Mason
Illustrations by Jad Fair, Ashley Bobbett, and Marc Snyder
Forward by David Barker (author of Lunch Hour Poems)

Contact Chris for contributer copy discounts
Everyone else:
$10 each Check, MO, well hidden cash to:
Chris Bodor
Poet Plant Press
PO Box 861094
St. Augustine, FL 32086-1740 USA

Featuring poems written during, or inspired by, the lunch break. David Hill/ Mary Beth Bodor/ Michael D. Grover/ Linda Kay/ Royce Icon/ Austin Taylor/ Jason Gray/ Raindog/ Aleathia Drehmer/ Glenda Bailey Mershon/ Steven Seidenfeld/ Zachary C. Bush/ Cheryl A. Townsend/ Miles J. Bell/ Karl Koweski/ Wayne Mason/ t. kilgore splake/ Adrian Manning/ Helen P. Peterson/ Misti Rainwater-Lites, Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozababal/ Michele McDannold/ J. D. Nelson/ Luis H. Valadez/ Zoe Alexandra/ Mathias Nelson/ Chris Bodor

more info:


Author: wayne

Writer. Noise Artist.

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