Zygote Print #4

The 4th PRINT EDITION of Zygote in my Coffee is now available!
This is a special DOUBLE-SIZED issue (150 pages/perfect bound)
and retails for a meager $7 (includes shipping)!

Order your copy at the Zygote Bookstore!

Roll Call for this issue includes the work of:

M.K. Chavez, James O’Shea, John Sweet, Chris Major, Glenn W. Cooper,
Jessica Thompson, Todd Moore, Doug Draime, Michael Estabrook,
Tim McGovern, Richard Krech, Paul Corman Roberts, Corey Mesler,
Brandon Gregg, Iris Berry, Carl Miller Daniels, Kevin Sampsell, J.J.
Campbell, Spencer Troxell, K.C. Wilder, Zachary C. Bush, S.A. Griffin,
R.C. Edrington, Michele McDannold, Wayne Mason, Linda Rosenkrans,
Emerson Dameron, Rob Plath, Mathias Nelson, Ronan Barbour, F.N.
Wright, F.D. Marcél, James Babbs, Shane Allison, Bradley Mason
Hamlin, Michael Cuglietta, William Taylor Jr. , Dan Sicoli , Ben Tanzer,
Raina Bird, Anthony Liccione, Luis Rivas, Matt Finney, K.M. Dersley,
Jack T. Marlowe, Jacob McArthur Mooney, Kaveh Akbar , J.D.
Nelson, Willie Smith, M. Blake , Ross T. Runfola, J. Watters, John Rocco,
Tony O’Neill, Owen Roberts, James Quinton, Josh Stewart, Joe Balaz,
Victor Thorn, Ralph-Michael Chiaia, Damion Hamilton, Ross Vassilev,
Daniel S. Irwin, David Barker, Ananda Osel, David LaBounty, John Dorsey,
Hollie Stevens, Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Craig Snyder, Judy L.
Brekke, Arlene Ang, Brian Beatty, Misti Rainwater-Lites, Cheryl A.
Townsend, Ryan Crawford, Karl Koweski, Cynthia Ruth Lewis, Aleathia
Drehmer, and Debbie Kirk.


Author: wayne

Writer. Noise Artist.

2 thoughts on “Zygote Print #4”

  1. I saw we were going to be in the new issue Zygote in My Coffee together and I wanted to introduce myself. And now I think I have. Ben

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