Merry X-Mas, and Misc. Debris

Howdy all, hope you are surviving the holiday madness. Things are slow around here as far as publishing goes but I have plenty of new poems coming out in the new year. In the meantime I wanted to direct you a couple of cool websites that I have been preoccupied with as of late.

The first is a website called ReverbNation. Click the link to check out my profile and listen to some spoken word tracks. The site is obviously geared towards musicians, but as you know I like to blur the lines between the two in order to bring poetry out of the back corner of old bookstores and into popular culture but anywhoo…… The cool thing about the site is they split all ad revenue 50/50 with the artists. So the more traffic to my page the better, and what artist doesn’t actually want to get paid every now and then. So click the link to support me and get to listen to some quality poetry tracks too (if I must say so myself).

Another site is OurStage, which actually has a spoken word category. Check it out, there you can actually vote for me in the online competitions.
I even have some experimental music tracks there.

Give these a look, I hope you dig’em.


Author: wayne

Writer. Noise Artist.

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