I Ching Jukebox
E-chapbook of experimental texts from Opcode Press

Blk/Mas- …..(Just) Existing
Free net album of unreleased jams from Blk/Mas

Wayne Mason- Bombarding Singularity For The Sake Of SKin
Free net album of databent noise centered around technological singularity

Wayne Mason- Insistent On Revelation
Free net album of harsh noise from Sirona Records

Wayne Mason- Digital Divination
Free net album of harsh noise from Plunk Noise Records

Wayne Mason- Synaptic (R)Evolution
Free download of all new noise.

Stickfigure- Haunted By Shadows (Of Future Ghosts)
Free download of Stickfigures newest release.

Wayne Mason- Transmissions From The Awareness Factory
Free download of my newest net album of words and sound.

Zilbread- Spectral Addict
Free download of the newest Zilbread net album.

Stickfigure- Detonate
Free download of this excellent net album from Stickfigure.

Stickfigure- Blast Off
Free download of the 2010 net album from Stickfigure.

Zilbread- Buddha In Purgatory
Free download of the second Zilbread net album.

Zilbread- Factories Burning
Free download of the first Zilbread net album.

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