A Late Happy New Year

Here we are one vacation, a new year, a week of work, and one sick day later I’m finally back to this neglected blog. So Happy New Year everyone!

The new year is quiet in these parts, trying to get back into the swing of things after a few weeks of solid beer and loafing.

Issue #4 of the e-zine Glass Fire is up online and I have one very short poem featured. Check it out. I actually got paid for this one, about enough cash to buy a cheap six pack but still a pretty good feeling.


A blog about nothing really

As if Monday mornings aren’t bad enough, I must constantly face them hungover and sleep deprived. It’s Sunday night and once again my weekend of beer and loafing is spilling into my work week. The harsh factory is made that much more under the sensitive post alcohol haze. Of course, I have no one to blame but myself. None of that matters now though… five more days and I am off till 2007!

What does all this mean? Nothing! I just realize I haven’t blogged here in all too long and thought I would drop a line regardless of what I have to say…. which is nothing really. There is nothing much of a literary nature going on, little writing, little submission, little of anything. It’s just me running like a madman to the finish line of another long year.

As far as performance I’m taking the rest of the year off and will be back renewed in January at The Black and Brew Coffeehouse. The Wordcore collective and myself have some stellar shows in mind for the new year. I’m putting together a collection of factory poems as well, and if it comes down to it, I’ll put the chap out myself…. again.

If my previous bloggage is any indication I may not speak to any of you (are there any of you?) till the new year so happy holidays and all that jazz. You’ll be seeing more of me in ’07!


Congratulations Democrats, you have the house for the first time in twelve years.
Now get to work, you have a big mess to deal with. Please show us that you have grown a spine.

As for Florida results we again have a Republican governor… big surprise. It doesn’t matter though, the real satisfaction yesterday came from watching Katherine Harris not just lose at the polls, but getting downright trampled in her bid for Floridas Senate seat. This was one election she couldn’t rig, er, I mean win.