Negotiating Metaphors

I’m proud to once again return to one of my favorite destinations on the internet Ex-Ex Lit. Head on over to read another excerpt from my work in progress, Subliminal Syntax. Take some time to read some of the other offerings on the site as well! Homes for experimental literature on the web are far and few in between and this one is worth supporting.


Subliminal Syntax (excerpt)

Ever so slowly, I am finding time to add to my Cut-up work in process, Subliminal Syntax. A short excerpt is up and available to read at one of my favorite online destinations Ex-ex Lit. Hope you dig it.

For your consideration…..

My poem Revolutions For Users To Consider is up over at one of my favorite online hangouts, the excellent blog/zine Ex-Ex Lit.

Also, happy to be part of a new harsh noise compilation featuring many cool projects and artwork by RRRon of RRRecords, available as a download or cdr. Check it out here!

New Work At Ex-Ex Lit

I’m very proud to return to one of my favorite blog/zines on the web, Ex-Ex Lit.
Matt Margo is the new editor over there and it looks like Ex-Ex Lit is in good hands.

Also, posted a few new sound pieces over at my Soundcloud page. Been submitting some things here and there so hopefully I’ll have more to announce soon.

Three New Pieces

I have three new pieces up over at one of my favorite blog/sites around, Ex-Ex Lit. I hope you’ll give them a read. I’m extremely happy with the vision and direction of my new pieces lately…. even though I know it may alienate readers who have come to expect a more narrative poem from me. You can check out the pieces here.

Also, been on a recording kick lately. In addition to working on the new Stickfigure record, I have been busy adding plenty of new content to my soundcloud page. Check it out here.