Audio New And Reimagined

23 Seconds Ov Time returns with vol. 8, and I am proud to be making my second contribution to the series. It’s a very cool audio project where all artists contribute 23 second long tracks in which form a sonic collage.

Fellow local electronic artist Mirroribis recently rendered an ambient reconstruction of my track I Felt The Universe, Or Perhaps Nothing. He did an amazing job and I hope you’ll check out this and much more of his work.


New Split

The new split between Blk/Mas and Whitey Alabastard is available now as a digital download from Steele grinder music. It features two tracks from Blk/Mas (the electronic/noise project of longtime friend and collaborator Shawn Blackburn and myself) and one track from fellow Florida experimental artist Whitey Alabastard. You can snag it here as a “name your own price” download!

Returning To The Fez

The newest issue of Red Fez has hit the internet and I have another audio track included among much quality poetry and prose. You’ve probably already heard of Red Fez, but if you haven’t you need to click the link now and check out one of the literary sites the web has to offer.

For your consideration…..

My poem Revolutions For Users To Consider is up over at one of my favorite online hangouts, the excellent blog/zine Ex-Ex Lit.

Also, happy to be part of a new harsh noise compilation featuring many cool projects and artwork by RRRon of RRRecords, available as a download or cdr. Check it out here!

23 Seconds

23 Seconds Ov Time vol. 7 is out and available for streaming or download from the Autonomous Individuals Network. I have one track featured and as the name of the compilation suggests all tracks are 23 seconds long. Short and sweet. A cool download with interesting artistic parameters.

Had fun in my return to St Pete and I think the Blk/Mas show and our new sonic journey was a relative success, if I must say so myself. Thanks to my buddy Hal Harmon of Vasectomy Party we have some video.

Did You Download The Ego?

…….. is the name of my databent/glitch audio track in the newest comp from Static Wall Recordings entitled Delete My Existence. If you dig really
harsh experimental/noise music you would be well advised to check it out!

Preparing for tonights International Noise Conference World Tour St Pete gig with Blk/Mas at The Venture Compound! Should be fun, hopefully will have some video or audio to show for it.

Revolutions Pass Through Me

The new issue of one of my favorite online zines Red Fez is out now and I am once again lucky enough to find myself in the company of some fine writers….. this time in the form of audio with my poetry/noise piece Revolutions Pass Through Me. I hope you’ll give it a listen and then stick around for the poetry!