Time To Detonate

I’m excited to announce that my long time band Stickfigure has a brand new net-album available for free download. I hope you’ll give it a listen and spread the word. Check it out here.


Something Among Nothing

The new issue of Gutter Eloquence is online and my poem Nothing Among Nothing is featured alongside some other damn strong poetry.

Also, I now have a page up over at Soundcloud where you can listen to some of my solo audio work. Speaking of audio, my band Stickfigure has been having fun gigging around central Florida with some more shows on the horizon. We also plan on recording new material really soon.

Sounds Abound

Wayne Mason- Five Dollar Buddha
My new net-album Five Dollar Buddha is available now as a free download consisting of spoken word and ambient soundscapes. Again, it’s free and I hope you will take a few moments to download it.

Five Dollar Buddha is actually the third release from my newest little project, Beer And Loafing Recordings. B&L also boasts two other net-albums from my experimental projects Zilbread and Stickfigure. Check’em both out, both totally free. I have high hopes for Beer And Loafing with some other exciting things to announce soon!

Speaking of sound projects, Stickfigure recently played their first show in a few years at The St Pete Noise Fest. Many thanks to the St Petersburg Institute Of Noise for having us out for such an awesome show. The next show and first of 2011 will be in Orlando at Uncle Lou’s, more details as the show approaches.

More writing stuff on the horizon.

Chaps anyone?

Well, while bailouts are all the rage in Washington these days no one up on Capitol Hill has even mentioned giving me a personal bailout…… not one Wayne Mason stimulas package. So I guess I’m on my own to scrape up a little extra cash.

I have ten author copies left of my fourth chapbook ‘Waiting For Magic’, and one author copy of my most recent chapbook ‘Poet Laureate Of A Dirty Garage’. Five bucks gets you a chap and my undying gratitude! Contact me here if you are interested and I’ll hook you up.

Also I have spoken word and experimental music mp3s available for purchase here and here.

As always thanks for reading and thanks for your support!

Still Alive

Yep, though I haven’t posted in awhile I am indeed still here! On the forefront June has been a quiet month but behind the scenes I’ve managed to keep myself pretty busy working on writing and recording and even working towards some new projects…. like a possible reunion of a certain Lakeland noisecore band in the near future.

July should be a bit busier, plenty of stuff coming out in the coming weeks and of course I’ll be letting all of you know.

In the meantime I have uploaded a few of my spoken word mp3’s here. Check it out, you can not only listen but you can purchase the mp3’s as well. I hope you’ll enjoy and maybe snag a few too. My experimental alter ego Zilbread has a MadeLoud profile as well which you can check out by by clicking here..

More soon…….