Electronic Voice Phenomena & Feedback Loops

It’s an exciting publishing day here with two new pieces out today for your reading pleasure. Here I continue to riff on the concept of mashing up EVP with sound manipulation.

First up, my newest text piece titled Dead Voices Feedback Looping. is up over at the always interesting don’t submit!, it’s very much a continuation of the Divination And Magnetic Tape For Dummies that was published a little while back. Meanwhile, my new poem Ectoplasm Air Piece Radio is up over at The Pixelated Shroud, a mysterious little project I just recently discovered.

And while I am updating, I encourage you to please check out my Soundcloud, where there are at least three new tracks up including Paranormal Circuitry, Meditations Multiple Voices In Error, and Espace Interieur Noir. The latter two are also up on all major streaming platforms if that is your thing.

Something Among Nothing

The new issue of Gutter Eloquence is online and my poem Nothing Among Nothing is featured alongside some other damn strong poetry.

Also, I now have a page up over at Soundcloud where you can listen to some of my solo audio work. Speaking of audio, my band Stickfigure has been having fun gigging around central Florida with some more shows on the horizon. We also plan on recording new material really soon.