Florida Speaks

In my mailbox today I was pleased to find my contributor copy of Florida Speaks from Poet Plant Press. It features the work of two dozen artists musing on this sometimes crazy, sometimes great state of Florida. This is the third anthology from Poet Plant Press I have been a part of and it is an honor as always.

The book signing and reading celebration for the book is coming up February 23rd at the City Coffee Company in beautiful St Augustine Fl. I’ll be reading a few poems and if you’re in the area come by listen to some poetry and snag your own copy!


Returning To The Fez

The newest issue of Red Fez has hit the internet and I have another audio track included among much quality poetry and prose. You’ve probably already heard of Red Fez, but if you haven’t you need to click the link now and check out one of the literary sites the web has to offer.

Revolutions Pass Through Me

The new issue of one of my favorite online zines Red Fez is out now and I am once again lucky enough to find myself in the company of some fine writers….. this time in the form of audio with my poetry/noise piece Revolutions Pass Through Me. I hope you’ll give it a listen and then stick around for the poetry!

New Transmissions

My 2nd net-album of spoken word and experimental sounds entitled Transmissions From The Awareness Factory is now available through my net label Awareness Factory Recordings. Also, my first album is also available, as well as recordings from Stickfigure and Zilbread. Best part, all are free downloads. Check out Awareness Factory Recordings, bookmark it and return often as more sounds are on the way.


I hope all my local peeps can make it out to Lakelands Evolution records on Saturday October 8th for a night of noise, experimental, and electronic sounds known as Intersection. As if that’s not enough we’ll throw in some poesy, art, and video…. all of the experimental variety.

We have some of the best noise and experimental acts in central Florida coming in. We have The Uh, J Thelonious, Trotskys Watercooler, and Wahuhi Stoteric. I will be pulling double duty that night as I’ll be performing in Stickfigure,and with my newest noise/spoken project Flies And Buddhas.

The show starts 7ish and is only 3 bucks. C’mon and check out something that very rarely comes around these parts.

New Poems And New Directions

Two short poems by yours truly are up today at O Sweet Flowery Roses, an interesting little journal well worth checking out!

Also, it’s worth repeating that my net-album of spoken word with ambient soundscapes Five Dollar Buddha is out now and available as a FREE download.

It may seem apparent to the one or two fans I have that I may be heading into different directions, I guess so. I’m feeling way different and my head is in different places. The road I’m on may not be appealing to many, but hell…. I suppose I’d rather be unpopular that stagnate in the same prison of words that I have been wrestling with for the last year.