A little more Classwar…..

Classwar Karaoke 0027 is online now and ready for your consumption. My track He Who Has Found His Place (Amid Nothing) is included alongside many talented experimental artists. My track is possibly a little more quiet and moodier than expected, but it represents an exciting and different direction. As always, I’m proud to be included in this excellent series.

New Tracks From Blk/Mas

The landmark Classwar Karaoke is out now featuring a slew of impressive experimental artists. I am proud to once again be a part of their diverse surveys, this time as a member Blk/Mas.

Speaking of Blk/Mas, we have recently taken some previously unreleased tracks from 2013 and put them together as an album over at The Awareness Factory. It’s titled ….(just) Existing and you can download it here.

Evolutions And Revolutions

Synaptic (R)Evolution

I’m proud to announce the arrival of my newest net album Synaptic (R)Evolution, my first all noise album since I’ve dropped the Zilbread moniker.
You may of heard these tracks already as I’ve displayed them all over at my Soundcloud page, but now they are available here as a collection, and as a download.

I hope you’ll check out the new album….. as well as the other albums available over at Awareness Factory Recordings. Many awesome albums with more to come. All albums are ‘name your price’, pay as little or as much as you want.

On a literary note, I am lucky enough to have some new acceptances under my belt recently and I’ll update when the new stuff sees publication.

Now And In The Future

It appears what has almost turned into a vacation from writing seems to be over and I’m glad to report it.
I’ve been doing some fresh writing and hope to get to submitting it real soon.

Until then things continue on the experimental/soundscape front as a new Stickfigure album is looming on the horizon, but if you’re looking for immediate gratification I have a track on an excellent new monotron theme comp produced by Hal McGee and Jukka-Pekka Kervinen. I hope you’ll check it out. It’s worth your time.
You can find it here!

New Transmissions

My 2nd net-album of spoken word and experimental sounds entitled Transmissions From The Awareness Factory is now available through my net label Awareness Factory Recordings. Also, my first album is also available, as well as recordings from Stickfigure and Zilbread. Best part, all are free downloads. Check out Awareness Factory Recordings, bookmark it and return often as more sounds are on the way.

Deviations and New Chapters

I’m pleased to be wrapping up the year by returning to one of my favorite zines out there. I have four brand new pieces up over at Ex-Ex Lit. Like most everything I’ve written this year, it’s a deviation from what people have come to expect from me. I hope you’ll give it a read.

Well, yet another chapter is closing and a new year is upon us once again. Here’s to a highly productive 2012 filled with plenty of words and plenty of noise. I have a new chapbook coming out really soon, and Stickfigure will continue to wreak havoc through central Florida, so keep checking back for updates. Have a safe New Years Eve!


I hope all my local peeps can make it out to Lakelands Evolution records on Saturday October 8th for a night of noise, experimental, and electronic sounds known as Intersection. As if that’s not enough we’ll throw in some poesy, art, and video…. all of the experimental variety.

We have some of the best noise and experimental acts in central Florida coming in. We have The Uh, J Thelonious, Trotskys Watercooler, and Wahuhi Stoteric. I will be pulling double duty that night as I’ll be performing in Stickfigure,and with my newest noise/spoken project Flies And Buddhas.

The show starts 7ish and is only 3 bucks. C’mon and check out something that very rarely comes around these parts.

Something Among Nothing

The new issue of Gutter Eloquence is online and my poem Nothing Among Nothing is featured alongside some other damn strong poetry.

Also, I now have a page up over at Soundcloud where you can listen to some of my solo audio work. Speaking of audio, my band Stickfigure has been having fun gigging around central Florida with some more shows on the horizon. We also plan on recording new material really soon.

Text + Sound

Two new text pieces entitled Industrial Evolution and Sidewalks To Buddha are up for your reading approval or disapproval at the very cool blog Experiential-Experimental-Literature. My short piece A Garden Of Flesh is also up at the excellent zine Otoliths. I hope you’ll give these new pieces a read.

Been having a blast with the reformation of Lakelands own noise rock superheroes Stickfigure, meeting a lot of cool people, playing some fun shows with some more on the horizon. Expect much more craziness.