Subliminal Syntax

2019, Analog Submission Press


I Ching Jukebox

2013, Opcode Press


Poet Laureate Of A Dirty Garage

2009, Erbacce Press


Waiting For Magic

2008, Covert Press


A Lifetime Of Mondays

2008, Beer And Loafing Press


Every Day Is Labor Day

2007, Scintillating Publications


Broken Zen

2006, Beer And Loafing Press



Downtown Downhearted

2006, Wordcore Broadside Series


Buddha-full Thoughs, Transparent Sighs

2008, Wordcore Broadside Series



2008, Beer And Loafing Press


City, City, City

2011, Beer And Loafing Press



Distinguished Writings 2006

2006 Scars Publications


My Time – Art Created During, or Inspired by, the Lunch Break

2007, Poet Plant Press


A Generation Defining Itself volume 7

2007, MWE Books


Violence As An Art Form

2008, Cat Scan Press


Employees Only

2009, Poet Plant Press


Florida Speaks

2013, Poet Plant Press


CUT UP! An Anthology Inspired by the Cut-Up Method of William S. Burroughs & Brion Gysin

2014, Oneiros Books


Sunny Side Down: A Charles Bukowski Tribute 2017, Patchouli Press

Magazines, print and online

3am Magazine, Alpha Beat Soup, Alternative Reel, Altpoetics, Amphibi.us, And/Or, BlazeVOX,  Blue & Yellow Dog, The Cerebral Catalyst, Children, Churches And Daddies, Clutching At Straws, The Commonline Project, Concrete Meat Sheet, Counterexample Poetics, Covert Poetics Journal, The Cricket Online Review, Dada Yow, Decomp Magazine, Dispatch Literary Journal,Ditch, The Eternity (India), Experiential-Experimental-Literature, Eye On Mars, Glassfire Magazine, Gutter Eloquence, Haggard And Halloo, Hecale, In Between Hangovers, The Indite Circle, Instant Pussy, Juice, Laurahird.com, Literary Chaos, Lit Up Magazine, Lummox, Magaera, Microbe (France), Motherkisser, My Favorite Bullet, O Sweet Flowery Roses, The Oracle, Off Beat Pulp, Orlando Poetry Chamber Of Commerce, Origami Condom, Otoliths, Out Of Order (Australia), Paper Wasp (Australia), Pemmican, Poetry Warrior, Red Fez, Remark, Roadrunner Haiku Journal, Rusty Truck, St Vitus Press,63 Channels, Shoots And Vines, Socket Shocker, Spent Meat, Thieves Jargon, Ubernothing,  Underground Voices, Unquiet Desperation, Word Riot, Words Dance, Why Vandalism?, X-Peri, Yellow Mama, Zygote In My Coffee

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