Angels, Death Dealers, And The Consciousness Of The Unreal

My newest album of experimental noise Angels, Death Dealers, And The Consciousness Of The Unreal is out for immediate download over at Awareness Factory Recordings. It is a very short meditation on exploring inner spaces, with nods to William Burroughs and Brion Gysin. Mellower than some of my other offerings, perfect for meditation and dreamachine.

Blk/Mas at SPNF8

This November, the annual St Pete Noise Fest takes over The Venture Compound in St Pete, Fl. Now in its eighth year, this showcase of noise and experimental sound will feature a mind numbing 40 acts over the course of two days. Throughout the festival, St Pete will be assaulted with 10 hours of noise ranging from ambient drone to HNW and everything in between. Blk/Mas will be performing on a day one of the festival, and I could not be more excited to once more a part of my favorite show of the year.

I hope you locals will come check it out, support Blk/Mas and support noise/experimental music. Most importantly though support The Venture Compound, possibly the most important institution in central Florida for those of us into all things weird.

St Pete Noise fest runs November 6 and 7th starting 7pm each day (Blk/Mas is tentatively scheduled for 9:20pm). Did I mention it is free?

The Venture Compound is located at 2621 Fairfield Ave, St Petersburg, Florida 33712

More info, including complete line-up can be found here.

A Humble Re-Beginning

It’s been about six months since my last post. What excuse shall I use? There are so many. Sidetracked by a day job, distracted with other projects, crippled by self doubt, all of these have been applicable at some point. With that said, I am back feeling like myself again.

I am working on a new experimental text, but in the meantime I will be sending out some new shorter writing to various literary journals or perhaps posting some here. I feel some of this is the best stuff I’ve written in a long time. Also, I am exploring the possibility of a return to live spoken word. In short, I’m excited about writing again.

More imminent on the horizon is a renewed focus on sound as well. There have been a few Blk/Mas shows in the last few months and SPNF8 is coming up quickly. Also expect some new Blk/Mas recordings too.